Hey there! Let’s talk about the magic of protein timing with every meal—it’s like giving your body a superpower for health. When you enjoy your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, remember each meal is a chance to fuel up with protein during the key ‘post-meal period’ when your body is all set to use that protein for muscle repair and growth. This is super important, especially as we age and need to fight natural muscle loss.

One thing to keep an eye on, especially for our older buddies, is not getting enough protein. Many folks over 50 find themselves short by about 30 grams a day. That’s a big deal because protein helps maintain muscle mass and strength, which keeps you moving and grooving as you age.

Make sure not to skip meals, okay? Missing out can make it tough to get all the protein your body craves throughout the day. We need those regular, tasty bites to keep our strength up and our health on point.

And let’s not forget about mixing up our protein sources with some plant power! Chickpeas, lentils, and almonds aren’t just protein-packed; they come with a bunch of other goodies like fiber and nutrients. Imagine tossing some sprouted lentils into a salad, grabbing a handful of almonds for a snack, or whipping up a tasty tofu stir-fry.

Want to get more into the nitty-gritty of protein and its perks? Check out our full range of protein-rich goodies that are perfect for keeping you energized. Dive into the full scoop on protein over at Abbott Nutrition News. Let’s make every meal a moment to fuel our wellness revolution at Green BFF.